1. Does “Rae Butter Baby” need to be refrigerated? —- No, as long as it’s at least room temperature and not in heat, it will be fine.

2. Do I need to get an Insulated Bag & Ice Pack? —- It is HIGHLY suggested in the hotter months or if the destination is in a year around hotter state.

3. What do I do if it melts? —- You always have the option to whip it back yourself w/ a hand mixer, or you can refrigerate it for a bit and use it in a harder texted OR use it as is. With either of these options it has all of the great benefits still to keep your skin feeling amazing just not in a whipped form. 

4. Can I get a refund or exchange my melted product? —- We do not offer exchanges or refunds. Due to the type of product, all sales are final. (If you purchased the Ice Pack and Insulated shipping and it still melted please contact us and provide your full name & order number.)

5. What are the ingredients? —- Shea & Mango Butters, Apricot, Sunflower & Avocado Oils.

6. Can I use “Rae Butter Baby” in my baby? —— “Rae Butter Baby” is all natural and we love the babies but please only use UNSCENTED on babies and small children as the essential oils may be to much for their fragile skin. We also suggest patch testing 1st on skin to avoid any major allergic reactions.

7. Can “Rae Butter Baby” heal Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Dark Marks and other skin problems? —- We are not dermatologist and don’t claim to “heal” any skin conditions but we’d love to know if you feel/see a difference. ☺️ 

8. Why is my Jar not full? —- I know the look is unsettling, but this all goes back to melting. Because our body butter product is whipped, it’s fragile in heat and causes the air bubbles to pop end result seeming as if you got a half full jar. We would NEVER. Each jar is hand filled & actually OVER packed (hence the occasional evidence in the rim). (Pssttt. Get the Ice Pack/Insulated Shipping so that we can try to avoid this)

9. You took your time and read through all of this carefully, wow you’re amazing. —- As a thank you please use code LSX24C at check out. Shh that’s just for you, let the others do their work to. Lol

10. Do you ship internationally? —- Currently we are only shipping in the US. But we love you guys everywhere else too.